"The Spell"
Release date:7/1/22

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The SpellBailey James
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This latest single from Bailey James, “The Spell,” is a rock anthem for all those girls who feel kinship with the idea of being a “witch.” The track opens with a catchy chord progression, all acoustic with an almost outlaw flair, as Bailey’s rich voice comes in with the line “I ain’t trying to sound religious.” While that may be true, her performance on this song definitely feels like a religious experience. 


The energy kicks up a few lines in, with driving electric guitars and full-power rock riffs coloring lyrics that paint a vivid picture of dark nights and clandestine rituals. This is a warning to all men with bad intentions: don’t cross Bailey. As she puts it, “things could be tragic,” as she spins an earlier line to be about one of these men instead of herself. Likening love to a spell is nothing new, but Bailey manages to do it in a way that’s rebellious and fresh, with a dark coat of paint and evocative imagery. Undoubtedly, this is another hit from Bailey James.